Men Empowering Women Empowering Men…

Supporting Men to uncover their own unique gifts and potential, and to shine in our community for our women and children.

The MATES Organisation recognise there are many issues costing our community dearly where our men need the support and encouragement from other men and the many women who love and care for them.

MATES Organisation… Family Violence has been quite prominent in the media of late... what we have is female vs male? Is that what we want? Our passion is to bring an end to this by gathering together those many men and women who want to support each other and grow together...violence is a part of the dark side of human nature, it can be mental, emotional, physical and/or any can be visible or hidden and it can be wielded by either sex...this is not about blame, it is about empowerment...enough of the bickering and finger pointing...if you love the men and women in your life...join us over the following 12months around NZ for Workshops to empower each other, your children and the us

The MATES organization has shown to be a crucial element in eliminating the high rates of family violence, male suicide, and other complex social issues by supporting, educating, and inspiring men to become positive male role models in the community for women and children. It is a place for all men whether they want direction, are in a crisis, or looking for growth and contribution to the community. Men from all walks of life come together to a place they can feel a part of. The group fortnightly on Tuesdays (7pm – 9.30pm) in Hamilton at the Western Community Centre (further details here). “When men start to take responsibility for their actions it creates a community.” says Kerry Babbage, chief executive of the MATES Network.

MATES offers:

  • The Power of Story: Safe and confidential environments to share your story with others and to realize that by changing your story you will change your life
  • Positive role models:  A network of men that others admire and respect, working together by inspiring and empowering the community, for our women and children
  • Mateship: Support and encouragement for all men, and together experiencing the uplifting power of True Mateship in transforming and saving lives
  • Common Unity: Creating empowering win-win relationships with Public Agencies, Businesses, Corporations and Government Organisations as one Community

In March 2016, the network recently launched a radio programme on Access Radio Free FM 89.0 Saturday’s 2pm, replayed Mondays at 9pm. The programmes have the potential to reach over 700,000 audience members in the Waikato area. You can stream this free using the link here

The MATES Trust NZ are successfully running eight Centre's, with the goal of opening 12 more in the North Island. They have a target to get a Centre in each regional area within New Zealand. MATES are now heading towards a national launch of its Community Empowerment Programme in 2016.

Phone: 0800 4MATES (462837)