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By Liam Prime, MediaPA Intern

A function that had been highly anticipated for a number of weeks, Social Giving’s launch event on Wednesday night was a highly successful night with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that left everyone with a smile on their face and excited for the next big event.

Social Giving is the Brainchild of MediaPA’s CEO, Phillip Quay. Social Giving’s mission is to help give small to medium sized businesses the chance to give back to the community. By helping connect business owners to either charities or sportspeople needing funding, MediaPA does not partake in  dealing with the financial side of the negotiation to provide full backing to the recipients.

Phillip Quay noted that “Social Giving is about supporting those who are results driven, helping give back to the Hamilton community is what Social Giving is all about”.

The night was a celebration for both recipients and clients of Social Giving with the emphasis of the event being on fun and establishing friendships rather than work. With sponsorships from the likes of Lakeman Brewery, Forgotten World Adventures, MediaPA, Carlton Party Hire and Grain Exchange, the event was a huge success.

Starting the night with light bites and drinks to make people feel welcome upon entry, greetings and light conversations to get to know others and their company backgrounds were underway. Once everyone was seated the night was ready to begin. Phillip Quay and co-host Clare Gallagher began by discussing the history of Social Giving and how it helps the community before shifting the speaking to the recipients and what Social Giving means to them.

Aunty P began with a heartfelt speech about the ups and downs that the Hamilton Homeless Trust has encountered, giving meals to those in desperate need.

Aunty P said: “We are very thankful for the help that has been provided from those here tonight and even the smallest contribution goes a long way”.

Following the Homeless Trust was New Zealand Riding for The Disabled Association (NZRDA), Hannah Doughty brought to light the need for sponsors for their horses and their goal of eventually having all of their horses sponsored. Unfortunately Jared Pender was not able to make it due to golfing commitments but was given a well-documented speech on his success in the golfing industry. Adam Muir and MediaPA’s Tristan Hooker discussed Kawhia Cruise and the funding it provides to Multiple Sclerosis. “It’s all about family here, if you have anything with wheels and want to go to Kawhia and back, then this is the family for you” Adam’s words made a big impact on all that were there.

Kerry Babbage from Mates, Men Empowering Women Empowering Men, gave an uplifting speech on how men can break the barrier of discussing their feelings. Speaking to Kerry earlier, he mentioned the charity’s foundation in Australia 15 years ago and said “Both Australians and New Zealand men have an image of being ‘blokes’ that shouldn’t mention their feelings and bottle it all up, something of which is both unhealthy and unfair.” Music Moves Me Trust (MMMT) had both Helen and Kath talk about the positive impact musical theory has on their clients, while also expressing the importance of funding for their equipment. Last but not Least, the Waimarie Community House in Hamilton East closed the event by showing an insight into how the house was founded and jokingly saying “on the first day we got a phone and a few pieces of paper and we felt like we were in business”.

Despite all their funding, they are still in need of people with either accounting or business skills and would be thrilled to take these type of people on board.

Finishing the night with final farewells and last bites of dessert, people were left raving about Social Giving’s positive impact to Hamilton and the limitless potential it brings.

Simon Lowe, former owner of Aspen Manor said “The friendly environment from peers and staff made it feel more like a fun event rather than a work environment” The emphasis on fun rather than business was evident for the night and impacted the success of the event, making everyone in anticipation for the next opportunity to attend such a unique event.

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