In act of social giving Hamilton’s leading café, Momento City, has sponsored the Waikato International Students’ Association (WISA) ball.

“Giving back to the community is a big part of the way we do things at Momento City,” says Momento City Owner, Mandeep Singh.

The Waikato International Students’ Association (WISA) was founded in 2015 with the goal of connecting international and domestic students at the University of Waikato. What started off with a small number of students, WISA has grown in size and now has more than 1,500 students associated with our club, with more than 200 of these students volunteering at their events.

“At Momento City we really admire the commitment that WISA demonstrates in bringing students of different cultures and backgrounds together,” says Mandeep.

The International Superstar Ball is WISA’s major event for 2019. The theme for the ball is ‘International Superstar’ will allow students to come dressed as (or inspired by) a celebrity from their own or another country. This is a theme encourages people to share with each other celebrity influences from different countries. WISA is looking at accommodating 250-300 students for this event.

Any form of sponsorship that WISA receives goes towards providing the best possible experience for both international and domestic students attending the University of Waikato

Serving up delicious coffee and delectable food, the team at Momento City Café values fantastic customer service. “All of the highly skilled staff at here Momento City are ready to assist you with a friendly smile and professional knowledge,” adds Mandeep

It doesn’t matter if you are only stopping by for a quick coffee before work or class, a filling breakfast or a long lunch, Momento City in Hamilton has something to cater for everyone.


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