Giving opens the door to receiving
— Florence Scovel Shinn

The Social Giving Revolution

Social Giving is an initiative encouraging businesses the opportunity to give back to their community and make a difference

Social Giving is a part of Media PA’s philosophy of giving back to the community. MediaPA’s CEO, Phillip Quay, has created a successful business strategy that creates a unique culture and a vision for the business and the community it operates in. Businesses associated with MediaPA will support community organizations or individuals to achieve their desired goals.

Your business will support community organizations or individuals that are results driven; they have programmes in place that are results oriented. It is a win-win situation as two parties benefit; your business has a brand ambassador for the great things you do and the Social Giving recipient has the support from you!

Social Giving recipients receive 100% of your business support. MediaPA is not involved in any process of funding for financial gain, therefore you are backing the recipient fully.

MediaPA has three packages that you can choose from to help a range of recipients.


Are you ready to have a positive effect on others? Get on board now!